Safe Plumber came to deal with our central heating system, turning thick black sludge into clear water. We now have super hot radiators throughout the house. Thanks!

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Power flushing

Kamco CF90Power Flushing by safe plumber with Kamco CF90

Many central heating system may be suffering from a build up of scale, rust or sludge. Power Flushing can restore and upgrade your system to as good as new.

A build up of scale, rust and sludge will significantly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system and you will be paying more to run a system that is not warming your home to the best of its ability.

Safe Plumber power flushing engineer is using top class Kamco CF90 Quantum pump with low pressure to clean system through. Specialist power flush Kamco FX2 chemicals are used to loosen then mobilise any scale deposits in pipes and radiators, effectively removing any stubborn coatings, or take corrosion deposits.

Safe Plumber power flushing team will provide power flushed methodically and thoroughly, pipe by pipe, radiator by radiator, including the boiler. Once your whole system has been power flushed thoroughly, safe plumber engineer will refill it with clean water, and a corrosive inhibitor will be added to your central heating system. This will be clearly labelled as containing this chemical substance. Power flushing usually takes from 4 hours to a day to complete, it all depends on the size, number of radiators and the type of system you have.

What does Power Flushing do?

The success of a power flush will depend on the level of heating system corrosion which has occurred beforehand. The process will cure most circulation problems.

You should really request power flushing when:

  • can see cold spots on radiator
  • blocked radiator
  • radaitor frequently needing venting or bleeding
  • radiators slow to heat up
  • Noise from boiler
  • poor or not hot water
  • high fuel bills
  • boiler failure
  • heating circulation problems
  • blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves

What are the benefits of Power Flushing?

  • working hot radiators and reliable hot water
  • cures flow and circulation problems
  • restore system efficiency
  • will increase the pump life of your central heating pump
  • restore heat output to radiators
  • cleans the whole system including underfloor pipework
  • remove aggressive water and prevent further corrosion
  • cures and prevent boiler noise
  • lower maintenance and fuel bills
  • cut gas bills by 20%

Our prices for first class power flushing service with Kamko CF90 starts from only £180, for best price please contact us on 0800 043 3445

We are all looking forward to hearing from you.


MagnaClean filters

Safe Plumber strongly recommend installing a MagnaClean filter before any problems arise if you are looking for optimum efficiency from your central heating system.

The MagnaClean filter will help to prevent your central heating system getting to a critical level where a complete breakdown could occur. MagnaClean will help to prevent deterioration of your heating system and increase its lifespan.

For the best price with power flushing contact us on 0800 043 3445

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